Kriner Cash

This week on the Behind the Headlines Radio Roundtable, after five years as Superintendent of the Memphis City Schools, Dr. Kriner Cash will be leaving at the end of January. He sat down with the panel to discuss his tenure.

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This week on the Behind the Headlines Radio Roundtable, the superintendents of the Memphis City and Shelby County Schools, Drs. Kriner Cash and John Aitken, discuss the final year before the merger of the two school systems.

Bard Cole / WKNO-TV 10

The Unified School Board has decided to not renew the contract of Memphis City School Superintendent Kriner Cash, whose contract runs out in August of 2013, about the time when the school merger will actually start. 

Superintendent of Memphis City Schools Kriner Cash's contract expires in 2013. The Memphis and Shelby County school board voted not to renew that contract last night. The vote was 14-8. A similar motion not to renew the contract of Shelby County Schools Superintendent John Aitken, which expires in 2015, did not pass. That vote was 8-14.


Students across the state will sit down and take a set of state tests called the Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program (TCAP), starting this week, and for the first time their scores on those tests will factor into their teachers’ evaluations and their own second semester grades.