A couple of hundred miles can sometimes make all the difference in the world.  When you look at it, even among the members of the million dollar quartet, Elvis came from Tupelo, Jerry Lee Lewis from Ferriday, Carl Perkins from Jackson, and Johnny Cash from Dyess, Arkansas, to make it big in Memphis.  So it stands to reason some Memphians would find their place in the sun by moving on down the line.  Two transplants in particular helped shape and define Nashville’s Music City reputation.


There’s a cardinal rule for corporations under criminal investigation – say nothing, at least publicly. But Nashville-based Gibson Guitar took off the mute button this year in a big way. It’s been publicizing its plight under an environmental law known as the Lacey Act. The PR campaign has gotten members of Congress talking about changes. But Blake Farmer of WPLN in Nashville reports Gibson’s strategy could still backfire.