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Memphis, TN – Cary Fowler, a humble and modest man from Memphis, Tennessee, works to save the world, seed by seed. Cary Fowler is the Executive Director of the Global Crop Diversity Trust: A Foundation for Food Security in Rome.

Memphis, TN – Cary Fowler is the executive director for the Global Crop Diversity Trust: A Foundation for Food Security.

He spoke with Candice Ludlow before his speaking engagement at the Pink Palace.

Here's the complete interview.

Memphis, TN – Over the next decade, millions of Baby Boomers will reach retirement age. About 5 percent of Americans between 65 and 74, and about half over 85 have the disease. Alzheimer's currently has no cure.

Washington, DC – Honeybees that help pollinate Tennessee's apples, pumpkins and squash are disappearing. Struggling beekeepers who have lost their hives are looking for relief in the Farm bill.

Beekeeper Kevin Jester lives about fifty miles north of Memphis in West Ridge, Arkansas. He typically raises about two thousand colonies of bees. In 2006, he lost nearly all of them. He bought more bees, but then lost them too. Needless to say business hasn't been good.

Charleston, WV – In 1796, Congress designated the Georgia-Tennessee border at the 35th Parallel. Years later, Georgia commissioned a mathematician to officially mark the boundary. He ended up creating a new boundary about a mile short of the 35th parallel.

Memphis, TN – The water dispute between Mississippi and MLGW and the City of Memphis took yet another turn late Friday. Mississippi has appealed a federal circuit judge's decision dismissing the case, sending it to the Circuit Court of Appeals. Still, it may land in the US Supreme Court. What might that mean to MLGW and the citizens who depend on it for water?

Memphis, TN – WKNO and the Pink Palace Family of Museums have embarked on a series exploring the use of genetics in various ways, from farming to climate change, to memory and medical interventions.

Today, we will explore how genetics can help people trace their ancestral roots.

Memphis, TN – The results are finally in this evening for Shelby County and the State of Tennessee. In many ways, Shelby County is very different than the rest of the state. Candice Ludlow explains.

Memphis, TN – The digital world is something that many take for granted, except when counting votes. Super Tuesday is putting it to the test. The polls closed at 7, but in Shelby County, people had to wait longer than expected. Pat Walters reports.

Oxford, MS – Whose water is it, anyway? Seems to be at crux of the water dispute between the state Mississippi and MLGW and the City of Memphis. A federal district judge dismissed the water lawsuit against MLGW and Memphis today, saying that it's an issue between states.

At issue is the crystal clear water that Memphians have relished since 1880. Memphis pulls its water from the Mississippi Embayment, an underground system of aquifers that stretch from Illinois to the Gulf of Mexico.