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Memphis, TN – Youth violence is a serious social problem in our society today. In 2005, Memphis ranked #13 as one of the most dangerous cities in America. And when we open the paper or turn on the television news, we see a lot of violence being perpetuateed by the youth.

Dr. Deborah Prothrow-Stith, Associate Dean and Professor at the Harvard School of Public Health describes the trends she sees in youth violence as waves.

Hobo'n from Water Valley, MS to Jackson, TN.

Memphis, TN – Murray Franklin Hudson interviews his first cousin once removed Celeste Annabelle Hardy Wray of Memphis and asks her to give advice to the youth about how to get the most out of life.

Memphis, TN – In the days following Hurricane Katrina, countless Americans watched, and listened, to the growing chaos in disbelief. One nurse, Kathy McGregor, frustrated in her efforts to deploy to the Gulf through the Red Cross, FEMA, the Salvation Army, and the Federal Department of Health, found her own way with the help of the National Nurses Organizing Committee.

Collierville, TN – Roller derby has emerged again in the United States. Since its resurgence, it has exploded to include more than 150 leagues across the nation. The sport barely resembles its predecessors, though. It is still tough but not silly anymore.

The leagues are local and skater-owned-and-operated. The Memphis Roller Derby has been together for little more than a year. It offers women an unconventional sport that has become an empowering physical outlet.

Memphis, TN – To many, Lindy Boggs is not a household name. Independent filmmaker Bess Carrick decided while listening to her speak at a luncheon that it was time for her work to become illuminated.

Memphis, TN – For Craig Brewer, blues is about anxiety. The independent filmmaker talked about the seed which sprouted while going back and forth between Memphis and California to make "Hustle and Flow."

Memphis, TN – To access the Greening Greater Memphis webpage and manifesto, go to