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Justin Fox Burks

August is National Peach Month!


Matt Ross-Spang spent nearly a decade as the sound engineer at Sun Studio recording modern bands using vintage techniques pioneered by his idol, Sam Phillips. When producers asked him to remix an album full old Elvis songs, he jumped at the chance. 

Food and Mood

Aug 3, 2016

There is an influx of research on how food affects mood.

Tomato Time

Aug 2, 2016
Jennifer Chandler

This is the season to let tomatoes take center stage.

Eat like a Toddler

Jul 27, 2016

Nutritionist Nicolette Pace states babies have a natural rhythm when it comes to eating that adults lose at some point.


Ok, we all know how good Memphis water is to drink on its own … and for making delicious local beers.

Tips on Aging Well

Jul 20, 2016

Aging is a part of life and although this process may present challenges, there are some things that are in your control.

Jennifer Chandler

For the scoop on this famous summer cocktail, I turned to Harold Cook, bartender extraordinaire at Sweetgrass Restaurant.

Christopher Blank/WKNO-FM

Vincent Astor didn't like smoky bars. But in the 1970s, that's where Memphis' gay community met up. He knew that to create a more tolerant city, he'd first have to be out and outspoken himself. Thus began his decades-long activism in the local gay rights movement. Along the way, he stashed away thousands of cultural documents, which are now available for viewing at the Benjamin L. Hooks Central Library.


Justin Fox Burks

Watermelons are at their best right now.