The countywide school board launched its first ethics probe of a board member in recent history yesterday. The probe is the result of a complaint filed by school board member Martavius Jones in December against fellow board member David Pickler.

Jones believes Pickler violated the school board’s code of ethics when he voted for a budget that included $12 million for the Tennessee School Boards Association trust. The trust employs Pickler’s financial services firm.

Pickler denies he did anything wrong.

Marketing is my beat. Not education.

On October 3rd, 1961, thirteen African-American children walked into formerly all-white schools in Memphis. Unlike other cities, Memphis schools desegregated without violence; and first-graders—not high-schoolers—broke the color line. There’s a new documentary out about the event. Reverend Samuel "Billy" Kyles is in the movie. Kyles remembers bringing his daughter to the doors of Bruce Elementary School 50 years ago today.