University of Memphis

4:30 pm
Fri January 31, 2014

Radio Roundtable: The University of Memphis

Behind the Headlines Host Eric Barnes, publisher of the Memphis Daily News.
Credit Bard Cole / WKNO

The University of Memphis has a new interim President, Brad Martin. This week, he joins the Radio Roundtable for a discussion about the future of the University. 

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7:37 am
Wed May 8, 2013

Rebranding Is Tougher Than Branding

Marketing Consultant John Malmo
Credit / Archer>Malmo

Nothing is more important in any business than its brand. And branding is very serious business. But what’s even harder than branding, is RE-branding.

Building a brand from scratch is very hard. Not for quitters. But at least you’re trying to reach open minds. As in, Now there’s a place to buy tacos, and it’s called Taco Bell. But if you add hamburgers and re-brand as, say, Taco & Burger Bell, people probably will never quit saying Taco Bell.

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Mid-South News
6:00 am
Wed May 1, 2013

Still Not Out: Tigers’ Baseball Icon Is World's Longest Serving Bat Boy

Stan Bronson Jr. takes a bow at the end of the seventh inning during a University of Memphis Tigers baseball home game in May 2007.
Credit University of Memphis Athletics

If you think you’ve been at your job for a long time, think again.

Stan Bronson Jr. has been the bat boy for the baseball team at the University of Memphis for more than half a century. He holds the “most durable bat boy” title in the Guinness Book of World Records, has a retired jersey on the outfield wall, and is a beloved icon to generations of students and Tigers fans.

To acknowledge Bronson’s years of service, at the end of the seventh inning of each home game, Bronson stands on home plate, tips his hat and takes a bow.

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Checking on the Arts
6:38 pm
Fri March 16, 2012

Jeremy T. Warner's Final Doctoral Recital

The University of Memphis Singers and Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Jeremy T. Warner, will perform works by Anton Bruckner and Aaron Copland.

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Memphis Moments
9:05 am
Sun February 5, 2012

Maxine Atkins Smith

Maxine Atkins Smith

Maxine Smith has spent her life working for racial equality and excellence in education. 

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