Voter ID

Secretary of State Tre Hargett was displeased by a Tennessee Court of Appeals decision yesterday that said Memphians can vote with library-issued photo IDs. He appealed that decision to the Tennessee Supreme Court today.

The Court of Appeals decision was unusual because the court didn’t just issue an opinion, it also ordered Hargett to “immediately advise the Shelby County Election Commission to accept photo library cards issued by the City of Memphis Public Library.”

The state Court of Appeals says Memphis Public Library photo IDs can be used to vote.

“The Memphis library photographic identification card is acceptable under the law as sufficient proof of identification for voting,” the ruling read.

The City of Memphis sued the state over a law that requires citizens show a photo ID at the polls. The appeals court upheld that state law today, but reversed an earlier court ruling that said the library-issued photo IDs weren’t acceptable for voting.