4 Years After Tragedy, A New Sandy Hook Elementary Prepares To Open Its Doors

Sandy Hook Elementary is gearing up for the first day of school tomorrow, nearly four years after a gunman killed 20 students and 6 teachers.Students will be entering a brand-new school for the first time, located at the same site as the scene of the tragedy.The original building in Newtown, Conn. was demolished in 2013 after Adam Lanza went on a shooting rampage in December 2012.As Patrick Skahill of member station WNPR reported, returning to the old site was "not an option." As local...
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Chalkbeat TN

In this week’s Midsouth Education Report, Chalkbeat community editor Caroline Bauman says that Shelby County Schools teachers often open their own pocketbooks for essential classroom supplies not covered by their $100 annual allotment from Shelby County Schools. Read her report here.

Brooks Museum of Art

Nashville-born artist Red Grooms may have left behind the rural roads of Tennessee for the bright lights of New York City, but the cartoon chaos of life in America follows him wherever he calls home. On this week’s Culture Desk, curator Marina Pacini talks about a colorful Grooms’ sculpture in the Brooks Museum’s permanent collection. Grooms will be the subject of an  exhibition Red Grooms: Traveling Correspondent, opening in October.

Not Happy with Life? Write a New Story

Aug 24, 2016

According to The Power of Story by Jim Loehr, the most important story we will ever tell is the one about our life.

Strength Training

Aug 23, 2016

So, you have joined a gym and have high hopes of becoming fit.

Jennifer Chandler

One day, a good friend told me about a dish her family loved.

Brooks Museum of Art

Okay, the portrait itself isn't changing. But Andrew Jackson's Presidential biography has taken on a somewhat more controversial hue through a modern lens. This flattering painting at the Brooks Museum finds Jackson in full military splendor, the hero of the Battle of New Orleans. But as curator Stanton Thomas points out, this dignified mien must now be expected to answer for some notorious decisions.

A Fishy Story

Aug 16, 2016

Did you know that August is National Catfish Month?

On this week's Education Report, reporter Katie Kull of Chalkbeat explains how several downtown schools face an enrollment problem due to the delayed closing of the Foote Homes housing project. Read the full story of how the neighborhood's student exodus is affecting the local schools. 

Arthur Dove's painting "Car in Garage" can be a bit of a head-scratcher. The abstract artist breaks his subject into simple components. On this week's Culture Desk, curator Marina Pacini tells us why this painting is an important part of the Brooks Museum's permanent collection.

Emergency Preparedness

Aug 10, 2016

Memphis weather can be unpredictable and the time to prepare for emergencies is now and Ready Shelby can help.


On a recent evening in Manhattan's Upper East Side there is a group of women gathered to chat. They're seated in the living room of a cozy one bedroom apartment.

"I consider myself a cultural Mormon," says Christy Clegg, who grew up active in the church. "I don't attend regular church services on Sunday but I very much identify with my Mormonism."

The group is called Feminist Home Evening. It's a play on words. Mormon families are encouraged to have Family Home Evening — a night at home — once a week.

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Nashville's Newest Monument Celebrates State's Role In Women's Winning The Right To Vote

Hear the radio version of this story.A slew of state leaders will be on hand Friday for the unveiling of the Woman Suffrage Monument, a statue in Nashville's Centennial Park that celebrates Tennessee's important role in establishing women's right to vote nationwide.Although Tennessee wasn't the first state to establish women's suffrage — that honor actually belongs to Wyoming, where women have been able to vote since the 1860s — the state was where ratification of the 19th Amendment was completed.
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Convicted Arkansas House Candidate Refuses To Withdraw, GOP Disavows

Republican Party of Arkansas Chair Doyle Webb is calling on state House candidate Jim Hall "to resign his candidacy" following an appeals court ruling affirming harassment charges. Hall, a Republican from Monticello, maintains his innocence and says he won't step out of the race even though he faces jail time."I am not guilty and if I have to vote absentee from the jail I will do it. But I refuse to withdraw from this race," Hall told KUAR News.In a statement, Chair Webb said Hall should get...
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