Many Breast Cancer Patients Receive More Radiation Therapy Than Needed

When Annie Dennison was diagnosed with breast cancer last year, she readily followed advice from her medical team, agreeing to harsh treatments in the hope of curing her disease. "You're terrified out of your mind" after a diagnosis of cancer, said Dennison, 55, a retired psychologist from Orange County, Calif. In addition to lumpectomy surgery, chemotherapy and other medications, Dennison underwent six weeks of daily radiation treatments. She agreed to the lengthy radiation regimen, she said...

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This week on WKNO-TV's Behind the Headlines, Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland discusses the ongoing battle over Confederate monuments, Downtown investments and changes to the city's sewer policies that could affect future growth in Shelby County's unincorporated areas. Host Eric Barnes and Bill Dries of the Memphis Daily News pose questions. 

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Four years ago, Commercial Appeal food writer Jennifer Biggs made an ambitious foray down Summer Ave. with the goal of eating at every local restaurant on the 10-mile strip. She recently revisited the more than 50 dining establishments to see if anything had changed. 


This week on WKNO-TV's Behind the Headlines, panelists discuss the impact of changes implemented by the City of Memphis to its sewer policies as it attempts to rein in costly expansions to unincorporated areas of Shelby County. Host Eric Barnes and Memphis Daily News reporter Bill Dries speak with Heidi Shafer, chairman of the Shelby County Commission, Kelly Rayne, senior vice president of public policy with the Greater Memphis Chamber, and Alan Crone, senior policy advisor with the City of Memphis.

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There is a new lunch spot in town located in one of the prettiest spots in the city. 

Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute

Research shows that 80 to 90% of Americans do not eat enough seafood each week.


On this week's episode of WKNO's Behind the Headlines, host Eric Barnes and reporter Bill Dries talk with Jerry Collins, exiting president and CEO of Memphis Light, Gas & Water. Collins discusses the company's past, present and future. 

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Memphis is among a host of cities trying to lure the new Amazon headquarters, called HQ2, with major incentives. City leaders recently promised $60 million in perks, including $10 million for upgrades to transportation infrastructure. But John Paul Shaffer of BLDG Memphis says that efforts to enhance the city's attractiveness to businesses are ongoing.

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The second annual Memphis Food & Wine Festival is just around the corner!

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This week on WKNO's Behind the Headlines, Toby Sells of the Memphis Flyer and Bill Dries of the Memphis Daily News talk about what's next for the Confederate monuments, the fairgrounds and more. Host Eric Barnes leads this roundtable of local journalists. 


On most days from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Mary Grimes can be found pacing along a crowded street in Orlando, Fla., with clipboards in both hands.

"Can I have five minutes of your time?" the 58-year-old says to a parade of passers-by. Those who are in a rush, she quickly wishes well; the others, Grimes directs to a blue and yellow form, reciting her spiel and soliciting a signature from each.

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Spain's prime minister says he'll fire the government officials of Catalonia and hold new elections there within six months. Spain's Senate will have to approve that plan next week.

The wildfires in Northern California cut across a wide swath of the state — including dozens of school districts, hundreds of schools and hundreds of thousands of students. At one point, classes were canceled for 260,000 students in 600 schools.

And while schools are slowly coming back on line, there remain many that may not resume classes for days or even weeks.

A congressional candidate in Florida drew a little ridicule this week.

Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera, one of the Republicans in the crowded field in Florida's 27th Congressional District, said in 2009 that she was taken aboard a spaceship when she was 7 years old.

She does not mean at Disney World.

"I went in," she says in a 2009 Spanish language interview that appeared on YouTube this week. "There were some round seats that were there, and some quartz rocks that controlled the ship, not like airplanes.

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Former Top Tennessee Republican Says He Tried To Stop Prominent Alt-Right Twitter Account

Hear the radio version of this story. One of the former leaders of the Tennessee Republican Party says he and other top officials tried to stop an unofficial Twitter account that's being linked to Russian trolls. Former Tennessee Republican Party executive director Brent Leatherwood condemns the account as "anti-American."

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ACLU of Arkansas Investigating Claims of Forced Labor Camps Disguised as Rehabilation Centers

The ACLU of Arkansas is investigating claims that an organizationin Oklahoma known as Christian Alcoholics and Addicts In Recover (CAAIR) "is operating forced labor camps disguised as rehabilitation centers", according to a press release. A report from The Center for Investigative Reporting revealed defendants facing jail time have a choice to either go to prison or go work in a program like CAAIRwhile they recover. Clients worked without pay in chicken processing plants, some owned by...

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