Fall 2017 Thank You Gifts

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$540 in full / $45 ongoing monthly sustainer
WKNO Blanket & Umbrella and Emergency Radio (FM45)
"The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly". To enjoy the "good", plop down on this comfortable polyester fleece blanket with foam padding and water-resistant backing for the perfect picnic. Protect yourself from the "bad" with the automatic opening, blue & white WKNO-FM umbrella. Be prepared for the "ugly" with this rechargable Emergency Weather Alert Radio, including a smartphone charger and LED flashlight.   

$500 in full / $41.67 ongoing monthly sustainer

CD of the Month Club (CDMC)
Music Coordinator Kacky Walton will send a new classical CD to you each month. 

$360 in full / $30 ongoing monthly sustainer
HD Radio (FMHD100)

Enjoy around-the-clock access to NPR News programs, Classical Music, and the BBC World Service on features WKNO-FM's three program streams with this newly redesigned, table-top radio that offers exceptional sound, and two input jacks that let you connect headphones and your mobile device. 


$240 in full / $20 ongoing monthly sustainer
Emergency Radio (ERFM17)

This all-purpose, rechargeable weather alert radio with solar panel and hand turbine power generator will keep you in the know, on alert, and well connected. No emergency kit is complete without it.

$180 in full / $15 ongoing monthly sustainer
NPR Socks - 2 Pair (FMSOCK)
Keep your feet warm and stylish with the new mid-calf NPR socks! The 1st pair features the Public Radio Nerd large logo, & the 2nd pair features a colorful all-over NPR logo. (Unisex/one-size fits most)
Brilliant Classics "Flute Concerto" 12-CD Set (FCFM)
This 12 CD set contains a wonderful collection of solo concertos for the most poplular of wind instruments, the flute. It features works by Vivaldi, Bach, Mozart, & Devienne!

$150 in full / $12.50 ongoing monthly sustainer
Day Sponsorship on WKNO-FM (FMDS)

Our most popular thank-you gift is perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, or otherspecial dates. We'll honor someone special in your life by reading your message on-air four times on the day of your choosing.

$120 in full / $10 ongoing monthly sustainer
NPR Wall Calendar (FM18C)

The 2018 NPR Wall Calendar features 13 one-of-a-kind illustrations from NPR artists and 26 pages of stunning, graphic images.

$60 in full / $5 ongoing monthly sustainer

This 15 ounce mug is a great size not only for your beverage, but for also containing your cereal or soup. The mug is featured in cobalt blue, with the WKNO and NPR logos on either side.