Performance Club

Behind every local play, ballet or opera, there's a host of creative people putting their skills to work. What makes a successful production? How do critics and artists see work differently than general audiences?  

WKNO’s PERFORMANCE CLUB is a group of arts enthusiasts who get a behind-the-scenes peek at a variety of shows. Then we discuss the good, the bad and the ugly.

Our “curators,” Christopher Blank and Charlene Honeycutt, select a half-dozen or so events each year that we attend as a group. Typically, we meet an hour before the event. The artists – from choreographers to directors to visual artists – share their unique insights into their creations. Afterward, we talk about what we saw. 

Our past events have included operas ("Ghosts of Crosstown"), musicals ("No No Nanette"), plays ("Angels in America"), ballets ("World Wonders") and other “happenings" (such as Levitt Shell Concerts). The only cost is buying your ticket to the event. Our club members often get special discounts. You can attend as frequently as you like.

Performance Club is FREE to join. Just sign up for our e-mail list, or join our Facebook fan page.