Curtain Up! 5 Parties Under One Roof at Playhouse on the Square

Nov 11, 2011

Courtney Oliver from Playhouse on the Square talks about Curtain Up! - Five parties under one roof at Playhouse - taking place on 11-11-11 (it only happens once!), a fundraiser for Playhouse on the Square.

This event includes:

  • CountryJazzyGrassyTonk beer tasting featuring a performance by Nay-Nay and The Do Right Boys.
  • Zydeco Martini Lounge featuring Tout le Mon.
  • Vaudeville Speakeasy "Casino" featuring Black Max.
  • Wine and Champagne, Grand Fromage and Desserts featuring Fille Catatonique.
  • Indiepop Jello Shot Hop featuring Magic Kids.

Curtain Up will be from 7pm - 11pm on November 11th, 2011 at Playhouse on the Square.  All proceeds benefit Playhouse on the Square. For information or tickets, call (901) 726-4656 or visit the event's website.