Easter, Swedish Style

Apr 4, 2017

Easter is coming up … and for us Southerners that means deviled eggs, baked hams, ambrosia, biscuits, and coconut cake.

Credit IKEA

Ever wonder how another country celebrates the Holiday?

Well coming up on Friday April 7 is your chance to enjoy a Swedish Easter feast.

“IKEA is hosting a Swedish Easter Påskbord, which is a smörgåsbord with all the Swedish delicacies,” explains Annie Rodgers, IKEA Food Manager.

A Swedish Easter always begins with fish.

“We will be serving our salmon is three different ways with Swedish traditions in mind.  We will be serving our marinated salmon with mustard sauce, smoked salmon with horseradish sauce, and poached salmon.”

And you can’t forget the herring!

“And we will also have herring served in three different ways.  Our dill herring, and our mustard herring, and our sweet herring.”

The Swedes love fish so much they even top their Easter deviled eggs with tiny poached shrimp.

The påskbord will also include a traditional Swedish Ham and their beloved Jansson's Temptations  - which is a Swedish Potato and Herring Casserole.

And no meal at IKEA would be complete without their signature meatballs.

“Our Swedish meatballs are made with pork and beef and served with our ligonberry jam.”

And for dessert, there will be a smörgåsbord of cakes and candies.

I am a big fan of the Daim cake. It’s a caramel, chocolate, and almond cake that reminds me of a yummy candy bar!

They will also be serving the traditional Princess cake. It’s a marzipan cake with an icing overlay – and for Easter it is colored yellow.

Tickets are available only at IKEA. Get yours today before they sell out.

This is Jennifer Chandler.  Happy Easter!

IKEA Swedish Easter Påskbord “All You Can Eat” Smörgåsbord

Friday April 7, 2017


IKEA Family Price: $12.99/per person (kids $2.99)

Regular Price: $16.99/per person (kids $4.99)

Tickets available at IKEA.