How To Be Young At Age 135

Jan 2, 2013

Quaker Oats

As adults, we realize how different our world is today from that of our parents. And theirs from their parents. And there’s nothing like generational differences to kill off brands that don’t stay relevant with each new generation.

A critical aspect of marketing is making sure that a brand stays relevant to each new generation.

A good example is The Quaker Oats Company. It’s not easy to keep a brand on top for 135 years. Yet, Quaker Oats has remained relevant for seven generations. And it’s starting all over with the current generation of moms raising five-and-six-year-olds.

These moms are mostly employed, ethnically diverse, and connected to technology as never before. So there are new Quaker Oats package designs, new products and advertising. A new hot oatmeal product and an oat bar called Big Chewy, because every mom knows little kids don’t like things that are hard and crunchy. 

A solid new campaign called Quaker-Up turns the brand name into a verb that evokes energy and healthfulness. Quaker benefits from the best thinking by the best marketing minds in America. That and a hundred-million-dollars in advertising will keep the brand relevant for another generation.

How relevant is your brand to the coming generation?

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