New Moon Theatre Company Presents The Rainmaker

Mar 28, 2013

New Moon Theatre Company Presents The Rainmaker
Credit New Moon Theatre Company
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The Rainmaker

By N. Richard Nash

Directed by Amy Hanford

April 5 - 21, 2013

Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00 pm Sundays at 2:00 pm

Tickets at 901-484-3467 or online at

$15 Adults, $12 Seniors, Students & Military

At the time of a paralyzing drought in the West a family is worried about their dying cattle. Added on top of this worry is the daughter, Lizzie.

The two brothers and father are convinced that she is becoming an old maid. The brothers try every possible scheme to marry her off, but without success. Nor is there any sign of relief from the dry heat, when suddenly from out of nowhere appears Starbuck, a fast-talking, charismatic man with quite the sales pitch.

Claiming to be a "rainmaker," he promises to bring rain, for only $100. After being welcomed in, Starbuck lights a powder keg of potential within this tightly knit family.

"Admirable skill... [and] insight into the human heart.... The touch of a poet.... A hit you must see." - N.Y. Mirror.

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