Real Marketing at Roof-Top Level

Jun 20, 2012

The meaning of marketing is so screwed-up today that I jump for joy when I hear of a case of real marketing.

And I just read about a real beaut. Marketing is identifying or creating opportunities that make the most profitable use of a company's, or, in this case, an individual's assets.

At is the story of a software engineer who heard his brother-in-law, a roofer, complaining about the difficulty of climbing and measuring for roof repair estimates.

So he set out to build a software program to eliminate the climbing and measuring by hand. He used his neighbor's roof as a test. Photographed his wife's bird house roof from many angles. Holed-up nights and weekends developing software around a series of algorithms. Raised $200,000 from family and friends, then bought the rights to aerial photographs all over the country.

His company, EagleView, did $1.4 million in business the first year. Last year, year three, it did $40 million.

Chris Pershing of Seattle recognized an opportunity on which he could maximize his assets: software knowledge, common sense, and determination.

That's marketing. Identifying your assets and applying them to an existing opportunity.


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