When Companies Grow Up

Oct 19, 2011

Almost all companies start out doing one thing.  Terminix sold termite control.  Added pest control; now blows insulation.

Remember when Kraft meant cheese?  Now Kraft means everything from salad dressing to cigarettes.

FedEx, too, used to mean just one service: absolutely, positively overnight delivery service.  Now add trucking, office supplies, printing and I’m sure there’s more I don’t know about.

So now comes a new FedEx advertising campaign designed to "tell all the cool things we do to help people solve problems."

From overnight envelope delivery to cool people-problem-solvers is a huge leap.  The TV commercials, as always, are well-conceived and produced.  And it’s easy to believe the claims.

As FedEx continues to grow in its existing markets, the question will be ever-present: What cool people-problem-solver do we add next?

There’s a point in every business in every category at which a brand leader has to expand the category or enter new categories to sustain growth.   If your company’s growth begins to slow in your chosen category, you should search for what else you can do that takes advantage of your existing assets and offers quicker growth.



John Malmo is a marketing consultant who concentrates on helping business owners grow their businesses with effective marketing. To reach Mr. Malmo, hear and read more of his commentaries, or ask him a direct question, go to AskMalmo.com.