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Around the Nation
5:43 am
Mon January 2, 2012

Google Searches Are A Window Into Our Culture

Millions of people are searching for things every day on Google. The people at the giant search engine realized that if they tracked those searches, the patterns can tell us about what's happening with people's lives.

5:33 am
Mon January 2, 2012

TV Networks Turn To Celebrities To Boost Ratings

ABC TV rolls out a new version of an old show Tuesday — this time its Celebrity Wife Swap. The old Wife Swap wasn't getting great ratings, so they needed to up their game. Eric Deggans, the TV and media critic for the Tampa Bay Times, explains what celebrities do for reality shows.

3:00 am
Mon January 2, 2012

Airlines To Post Fees, Exxon Awarded $900 Million

Originally published on Mon January 2, 2012 6:45 am



NPR's business news starts with the cost of airline tickets.


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3:00 am
Mon January 2, 2012

The Last Word In Business

Steve Inskeep has the Last Word in business.

Election 2012
3:00 am
Mon January 2, 2012

Romney Looks To Finish Strong In Iowa

Concluding that he can win the Iowa caucuses, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney spent the weekend campaigning in western Iowa, a mostly conservative region. After months of making only periodic visits to the state, Romney is making an aggressive final push through Iowa.