Chickasaw Nation

6:13 pm
Tue July 23, 2013

Fort San Fernando De Las Barrancas

Fort San Fernando de las Barrancas, also known as Fort des Ecore.
Credit Victor Collot, 1796

Twelve years after the end of the American Revolution the fledgling nation had a competitor for ownership of the bluff where Memphis now stands.

On June 20, 1795 a Spanish contingent led by Don Manuel Gayoso, secured a treaty from the Chickasaw nation, ceding the bluff and surrounding lands to Spain “forever.”

The Spanish quickly erected a log fort near the area of Front and Autumn Streets in preparation for a possible attack by the French, their old European rival. The hastily built stronghold was named Fort San Fernando De Las Barrancas (also known as Fort des Ecore) . 

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