Southern Education Desk

Photo by Maura Walz.

Since the 1970s, federal court orders have governed how many Southern communities integrated their public schools. But new research shows, as those orders have been lifted, school districts are gradually re-segregating. But why?

In the fading sunlight of late afternoon in a church basement in Clarkston, Georgia, Tucker High School junior Micky Zegeye studies for a math test with his tutor.

Map via Wikipedia.

Stacey Hagg is outraged. She pours on her kitchen table years of research: enrollment numbers, meeting minutes and test scores.

“Three inch binder full of papers, letters, emails, petitions, news articles,” says Hagg.

The Haggs are one of the few white families still sending its children to almost all black Coldwater Attendance Center in rural Tate County, Mississppi.

“I would like to see a bigger mix in the race. My kids are the minority in school,” says Hagg. “They are okay with that, so I’m okay with that.”